Wednesday, 17 February 2021


Inter Milan and AS Roma are eyeing the Udinese goalkeeper

 Udinese goalkeeper Juan Musso has had a pretty good performance this season which has made him very much targeted by other clubs such as AS Roma and Inter Milan, and do you think which club Musso would choose to join?

Musso is one of the first Italian goalkeeping players at Udinese since he was 26 years old, his performance has joined since Udinese in 2018, he has stolen the attention of big clubs.

Even though Udinese is really having a hard time competing in the top 10, but Mussi, who has kept it well and with a nice clean sheet throughout the 2020/2021 season and has conceded 26 goals in 20 matches.

And with the size of a club like Udinese. Musso's total conceded is still pretty good compared to AS Roma which is only 35 goals and Atlanta which is only 29 goals with a posture that reaches 191 cm, Musso can be said to be thick through the bar

So from that it is only natural if Inter Milan and AS Roma also won their signatures, because the stock of the core goalkeepers of the two teams is indeed quite worrying, from Samir Handanovic, the Inter camp has indeed become a team and also has 500 matches.

However, Handanovic's appearance has now begun to decline in funds in the last two seasons so that he often makes blunders, three times money, Roma goalkeeper Pau Lopes, who also hasn't done anything since he was bought last season.

And now the decision is in the hands of Musso, who is likely to lift his leg next summer, especially with the news that Inter have been desperate to sign him since last summer, and it failed to bring in due to financial problems.

"The rumors of the transfer become motivation for me, because it means his performance is quite good when competing," said Musso

"I know that the Inter Milan goalkeeper only has two years left on his contract, and maybe this is not the right time to shop for players" he joked.

"I want to play with a team that used to qualify for the Champions League and also fight for the title, that is my dream, but if it does, then it will come at the right time.



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